How To Ensure Your Vote Is Valid For 505 GE13 Part 1

Posted by Kris | Sunday, April 28, 2013 | , , | 2 comments »

Being a 2nd time voter, I do forget what are the do and don'ts during election. Voting is an important duty for Malaysians to choose & vote for a better future.

It is important for 1st time voters to know the flow very well, especially what is the safety procedures to ensure the secrecy of your votes , ensure that you vote is valid and unspoilt and also how does the ballot paper look like. :D

Oh, don't forget the inedible ink. Remember to not let it smudge your ballot papers or else it is considered void.

And don't INSTAGRAM your ballot paper or during your time in the voting room!! You will get in trouble with the law if you do that.

REMEMBER 505!! Is the Voting day!! Don't miss it for the world!!


  1. Happy walker // 11:23 AM  

    thanks for sharing~

  2. ChampDog // 8:22 PM  

    Full stop behind the candidate's name, considered void too? It happens in oversea voter.