Marketing Techniques - Should I Buy?

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | | 8 comments »

Not sure who is the girl on the right!!

I myself have been a Nikon camera user for such a long time. I like the quality of the pictures when it gets printed out. I still have a 5MegaPixel Nikon camera that I bought like a decade ago, and it still works perfectly. Hence, when I saw the promotional picture above it triggered me on whether I should buy a new camera to replace my old Nikon camera.

However, with smartphones having better quality cameras, I am wondering whether compact camera can survived this test of time. DSLR camera is a different beast though, but compact cameras might become the next dinosaur.

Back to the title post, Marketing Techniques. It is well know that pretty salegirls can easily close sales as compared to a guy or a not so lenglui girl. So if you look at the pictures, for a majority of straight guys, it is not the black and white camera that our eyes are focused on the first glance!! The beautiful image will "TRIGGER" a second look as most people have very short attention spans due to the information overload that we have every day on the internet. 

There is no surprised that most of the ads on Facebook has a picture of an attractive female no matter what the ads is attempting to sell!! And to encourage high click thru rates, the picture of the women are rotated each time you go into Facebook!!

I know that some bloggers are using this technique to generate more traffic and they have succeeded. Heck there is also a group of bloggers called Malaysia hottest bloggers, or something like that, that comprises of attractive and active female bloggers!!

Hmm..perhaps I should buy that Nikon camera!


  1. Happy walker // 8:53 PM  

    buy lah! beautiful girls! XD

  2. Kris // 7:35 AM  

    I don't have enough money to "buy" beautiful girls

  3. ChampDog // 2:59 PM  

    I'm a canon DSLR user lately. :D

    Some pretty ladies can sell and some can't not. So for those who can sell or know the product pretty well, I really feel enjoy talking with them. But usually those not technology products so far that I met. :D

  4. Kris // 8:24 PM  

    Sudden interest to have an excuse to take sexy model's picture?? lol.. that what I am seeing alot of DSLR users are doing..some are very very exposed!!

  5. maveric // 11:51 PM  

    I have a 5 years old Panasonic Lumix that 'does what it is suppose to do' is reliable @ the sunny beaches of Phuket & also in the cold of Mt Sorak in SK...!

    Yes, pretty women...!, I do not want to sound a sexist but they do in 'wine,women & song' but not necessary in that order..!

    It is common knowledge that a good number of male retirees got 'financially fleeced' by pretty migrant women ... until they have no money left, EPF $ included.

    Yes3...there is a Chinese proverb ( a hero faces difficulty in overcoming a beauty's seduction ) but I wonder...are guy retirees resolve so fragile..!!!

    What about my resolve & steadfast discipline as proven in my personal financial planning ..?? Haha..:) ..:D May want to go to their lair to take up the challenge..LOL! :D

  6. Kris // 12:00 AM  

    That is why people say when a guy is young he should be

    Ever heard of the proverb..
    "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

    Make sure you don't lose your pants, literally and figuratively :D

  7. maveric // 5:54 PM  

    @ Kris...

    Matters of pretty ladies should not be confined to any time period..: it should be just as delightful to any male retiree as it was to him when he was younger.

    As for the spirit & weakling flesh, the former is very much alive & the later readily resolve with the great medical science advancement nowadays !...'purring & groaning' in a jiffy is the new proverb with nothing amiss...;)

    Well,with all the acquired experiences,temperaments,surveys,strategies & tactics etc2...the pants or skirts can drop either way...LOL!

    Haha...I enjoy this bantering..!.:D

  8. Kris // 6:01 PM  


    Haha. I guess those sweet young things will always delight guys :D especially older guys.

    I do agree older guys do have an advantage because of the experience, money, etc. And I also believe that a guy must always find a younger wife...hehe

    Maveric, you got FB or not, , go add me. I got share some nosebleeding pictures, that I saw floating around..hehe

    Perhaps girls can really sell my blog and gain more interactions..hmmm..i see alot of financial bloggers post photos of sexy women.