1st Quarter Into 2013

Posted by Kris | Sunday, March 03, 2013 | , , | 3 comments »

Time really flies, it is now 3rd March 2013. Here are some my personal thoughts for 1st Quarter 2013.

Life is going to be very very hectic for me as an engineer in the corporate world and my personal life. (^.^)

- Work will increase dramatically this year!! Engineering seems to be a sunset industry where cost is king.
- Still some roadblocks in my new 'capital intensive' investments ventures. 
- Need to have sufficient sleep and maintained good healthy lifestyle.

+ Inching slowly to my 'personal' life goals. GOD willing, this is something I prayed for. But I think I need to spend alot of time vested in this, which made me tired during the weekend, and progress is still slow. It all started with a curry mee lunch at town!!
+ Time is drawing near to accumulate good stocks at cheaper price.
+ Hopefully, to close a deal to earn some decent pocket money. Waiting for email response soon.

And I am not sure about the goodness in revealing my investments (indirectly may reveal my networth) to other people recently (my venture partners). I wish  to stay under the radar and keep a low profile :D


  1. Happy walker // 7:19 PM  

    actually engineer do what de? i still confusing~ T.T ~

  2. Kris // 9:58 PM  

    It depends which field the engineer is in. There is alot of type of engineers :D Hard to explain

  3. ChampDog // 10:18 PM  

    Engineer just fix stuff! :) lol!