How I Met Your Mother

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I like this comedy series a lot. I just watched Season 7. So the main story is about Ted Mosby's narrative to his future children in the year 2030 about his love journey. Basically, he is retelling his misadventure up until he met the mother of his children. Throughout the whole series, we have seen his 2 future children, a boy and a girl but not once the children's mother aka his wife. Hence the title of the series "How I Met Your Mother".

I once accidentally stumbled upon a blogger, whom detailed his day by day experiences courting my female friend. I did not however told my friend about it, as from his writing he seems to be a very caring guy. It turned out later that same guy manage to capture my friends heart and married her. This is the same guy that later bake a cake for his wife's birthday and uploaded it to Youtube and ended on my Facebook wall for my viewing pleasures. (I thought to myself that he really spoilt the market for married men out there and setting a new high expectation. Nevertheless, I am happy for my friend for finding a good husband and father to her child. Btw, he is very capable in his career & the cook in the family, my friend only can do so so nia...haha. I give 2 thumbs up to that guy)

Come to think of it, perhaps this guy is similar to Ted Mosby (minus the countless relationship misadventures).

I do think blogging is a good platform to write about your life experiences since you never need to fear that you will lose your diary or something like that. Hence, maybe in the future, when you look back at your old post, you will realized at times we are just fools in life. 

Nevertheless, KnowThyMoney will be my avenue to jot down my financial journey and some of my personal observations.

I do wonder though, on how my friend would react if she found out about her husband's old blog postings. Probably touched until cry