Pursue Your Opportunities In Life

Posted by Kris | Saturday, January 19, 2013 | | 2 comments »

The deepest regret will come if you never TRY to grab the opportunities in life or never to try to grab the things that you desired. You might get rejected & demotivated but at least you know that you try all your best.

Only after one long year, I think that this could be a start of something new and exciting. If I kept on waiting from a formal introduction from my contacts, this could never happen at all. It because I could not bear to wait because I don't want to live in the shadow of regret of losing this opportunity to find a rare uncut gem. Hence I initiated my close networks that accumulated to today's joy.

I am truly grateful to GOD for all the "seemly so coincidental" breaks that HE gave to me even though it seems almost impossible!!

I hope everything will go well soon in the future as I uncover the uncut diamond bit by bit and keep it by my side.

Lastly, truly a good day today even though I am still drowsy as I am typing this post. It is as though I won the jackpot!!!


  1. Happy walker // 5:58 PM  

    it is good to be grateful~ well, you just got yourself one loyal visitor to this site~

  2. Kris // 1:08 PM  

    Thanks for support, Lonely.