Book Review: 3 Years to a RM10 million Property Portfolio

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Since property is a hot topic nowadays, so I decided to buy this book "3 Years to a RM10 million Property Portfolio" simply because it had a catchy title and it was wrapped up in plastic.So no browsing T.T

I really dislike Popular Bookstore for wrapping up all their books to prevent people from browsing. It is as though asking me to buy clothes and shorts without testing it out whether it fits!!! Yes, I am very particular about the books that I buy.

At least leave a sample book for customers to browse thru to see whether it is worth to buy it. Maybe there is a lot of people out there is like me: I literally don't buy any books that I can read finish under 1 hours that is my rule!! If I can finish reading something under 1 hours, it means that the book lack anything new that I don't know about.

So what is the book all about??

So the book is about the journey of Dexter Lim and his wife achieving financial freedom thru "No Money Down Method" of buying property. They literally started from ZERO, and with credit card debts mounting. They even started buying the first property with the 10% being funded by credit card. (There is a disclaimer though, as they don't encourage this method. But they were desperate to buy their first property)

So the entire book is about their journey to accumulate more properties and collect positive rental cash flow. I also think that is a good career move that both of them eventually switched their career to something financial related. Dexter switch to become a part time agent while his wife became a mortgage office. (Of course Dexter now surely makes more money doing seminars :P)

And lastly, IMHO Dexter is blessed to have such an understanding girlfriend and then wife who fully supports their investment journey. Trust me, your BED partner is very important to reach personal freedom if you start from scratch.

So where does W.T Kam comes into the picture??

So W.T Kam is actually their mentor and guru into the property foray. Dexter and wife attended his course and in this book, the guru gives his advice on what Dexter did. Whether what he did is correct or did a mistake during his early days.

In the end, like any happy ending book, Dexter and wife ended owning RM10 million portfolio by moving to commercial properties in 3 years!!! 

How To Do Simple Calculations On Property Investment?

What I like about the book which I think is beneficial to the newbies is the "Number for this deal" where Dexter pointed out the value of the property, the value of the down payment and the market value. This is good so that newbies know how to calculate the ROI and potential of the property.

However, something is missing on "the cash out portion of the calculations".Sadly they don't show this in the book, I guess readers need to attend the seminar to know more about this in detail as stated in their book. Perhaps in their next book revision, they would like to include in this info which IMHO no doubt will be useful.

So my personal rating for the book would be 2/5, as I think the book is well written in simple and understandable English and I enjoyed reading Dexter's rags to riches stories. The only cons here is this book is not suitable for advanced property investors like me T.T


  1. Happy walker // 9:55 AM  

    wow, 10 million leh~ well, i just feel it is easy for last time lah, but not now liao since everyone is smart d~

  2. Kris // 9:36 PM  


    What they are doing is no secret actually. So there is NO such thing that it cannot work now even though more people know how to do it.

    It is like adsense, everyone knows that some excellent bloggers can earn good money, but yet no many people take effort to monetize.

  3. Henry Tan // 11:20 AM  

    wow...advanced property investor.. please share your knowledge too! =D
    well i like to read reviews of the book.. then atleast i would know if is worthwhile to buy and read.. =D

  4. Kris // 10:30 PM  


    Heya. I finished reading a few more books, so going to write a few more reviews :D

    Do drop by in the future and hope to hear some comments.