Coupons Galore: MeFindCoupon

Posted by Kris | Friday, December 14, 2012 | | 0 comments »

While I was in the US, I like to use coupons because there is a lot of free & dirt cheap stuff just up for the grabs. Here is one site that I used: . In US, you can literally save alot of money if you use coupon. I heard of tales where a person can literally live off coupons if you are diligent enough to look for it. Where you can buy bulkload of daily necessity as low as USD1!! Unbelieaveable in Malaysia but it is possible in the land of dreams aka USA.

There is a lot of rebate promotions, mail-ins rebates offered by various companies in the US. And the range of product offered is very wide. You just need the time and resources to search for those deals, hence there is alot of coupons site like mefindcoupon that is a website that hosts all those cost saving coupons. Mefindcoupons has over 5,000 brands and has a rating system too for users to share comment/love over a given coupon.

Now is the holiday seasons for the US, I bet this is going to be useful for bargain hunter and lovers.

Just try it out :D Happy hunting, Cavemen & Cavewomen! (cartoon on the website)