Cars & Houses: A Girls' Desire Music Video

Posted by Kris | Thursday, December 27, 2012 | | 6 comments »

If you understand Mandarin, this is a funny video from China. However, the reality is that this is not a laughing matter, where a guy's husband potential is judged by his ability to own his own house and car.

This is kinda true as any woman would want to find a capable husband that can provide a good and comfortable life to her and her future children. Any comments on this?!

At one point, the lyric sings "If you don't have car and house, don't think you can bed a beautiful girl"

For the men:

"Don't worry that you are born ugly, make sure you earn alot of money to get a beautiful wife"

For a girl

"If You Are Born Ugly, Don't Worry, Go South Korea"

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  1. ChampDog // 12:18 AM  

    I'm a little conservative in this. :) I still think that no money (just enough to survive), we should still able to bed a beautiful girl! :)

  2. Kris // 12:26 AM  

    That depends on the definition of beauty one has :D

    Nevertheless, most people will always see the outward appearance first. Hence 1st impression counts.

    Nice car & house will score high in the impression thingy :D

  3. ChampDog // 12:40 AM  

    Hahaha, agree! :) Have you got one so far?

  4. Kris // 11:59 PM  

    Got what?

  5. ChampDog // 10:54 AM  

    Beautiful girls! :)

  6. Kris // 11:30 AM  

    I like cars too :D