Apocalypse 21.12.2012 ?!

Posted by Kris | Monday, December 17, 2012 | | 0 comments »

I DON'T BELIEVE that the world is going to end 21.12.2012 which is like 5 days from now. 

DON'T BELIEVE that there will world wide blackout due to some cosmic ray etc. All those are really folk tale or naysay similar to the one we have when we transition to year 2000 aka the Y2K bug.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that a lot of people are believing in all that crap :D

However, I might believe if the following picture came true then it will be the end of "world". Just look further:

Of course "anime" world. No!!!!!! Gonna rip out my eyeballs.

Remember these sweet girls below??