How To Do Affliate Marketing 101

Posted by Kris | Thursday, November 01, 2012 | , | 0 comments »

I was reading up & googling on affiliate marketing (I found a good website, to learn more about this) where you can earn a commission by selling other people's product. It has huge market potentials since you no longer need to crack your head to develop and market a product to the world!

I been to alot of "introductory" seminars on how to build an online business particularly affiliate marketing. If you dabble in such seminars, you probably heard of Clickbank, Amazon which are affiliate providers. Clickbank is gaining huge popularity.

Affiliate marketing are told to be deceptively simple as most introductory seminar speakers like to astonish you how they earn like >RM10,000 per month or even per week, just by setting a website to sell your product. Only when you go to their more "advanced"/"intensive" training courses will you be learning the secret to their success. And the fees are not cheap. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. (I don't subscribed to this 100% to be true). Cheap and free things are not necessarily lousy or low in quality.

I am not saying that all seminars are bad. The good ones are rare. Nevertheless, for the newbies with limited resources, just google around, experiment around & just use common sense to build up a good marketing idea and campaigns. I got a few good ideas after reading thru the website ,  simply because I am a fast reader. :)

The author of the site has some interesting background where he quit his multiple job (barely surviving the hectic lifestyle) and enjoyed freedom of working from home selling his hypnotherapy audio sessions where he tries to make you feel relaxed and fall asleep. Luckily, I did not fell asleep after reading thru his site on how to build an successful affiliate marketing site.