This Guy Hates His Job A Lot!!

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | , | 4 comments »

Working life can be a nightmare with long working hours, no appreciation and low pay. People tend to grumble about work. This guy in the video is no exception. Let's hear what he has to say.


  1. LCF on Personal Finance // 9:23 PM  

    Hey this SG job company copies exactly from this -

  2. Kris // 10:03 PM  

    I think this video is from a SG job company :) It is stated at the end of the video

  3. Happy walker // 12:40 AM  


  4. ChampDog // 1:06 PM  

    Hahaha... I may not hate if I get his job! :) Let's exchange!