EXCLUSIVE: 10 Questions For Brenda Londoh

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Brenda Londoh

1. What is your full name, place of birth and birthday? A short bio-data introduction about yourself. 

My name is BRENDA ANURA LUNDO JAMIN. A.k.a BRENDA ANURA. My birthday? Well uhm 2nd of December 1993 so I am 18 now. Is that okay?

2. When did you start your singing career? How long have you been singing? 

I’ve been singing since kindergarten,5 years old…and yeah being serious in this business since i'm 13 years old.

3. How do you describe yourself as? 

It's hard to describe ourselves I guess.. LOL But one thing you should know, everything I do, I do it because I believe in Jesus Christ.

4. What is your favorite food? favorite color? 

I definitely love VEGETABLES (Nomu nomu cua!) ,FRUITS( Especially grapes),CORN,I love SOUP(any kind of soup),I love SEAFOOD,..haha..I'm a complete insane when it comes to food.-_____- . My favourite colour is BLUE, WHITE, and BLACK. It represents calmness and toughness for me.

5. Describe your daily routine as a performing artiste. 

Everyday is a new treasure for me. But as a performer,as I awake, I will do some vocal control training..’Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma…….’ With the proper sound of DOREMIFASOLATIDO and ascending cord. Before I go to bed,I will play guitar and this is the time where the melody of a song suddenly come out..I guess its because i'm at my calm and romantic state. Gahahaha.. its way too much to say if I tell you the whole day i'm going through. What I can say is, I had a really exciting life to live in.

6. What’s your motto or the advice that you live by? 

Hardwork and confidence makes you do things beyond expectations.—Semuanya sudah disediakan oleh Tuhan,Kita hanya perlu menemukannya—Experimenting yourselves is the best way to know how strong your beliefs are-

7. Whom do you draw your inspirations from, musically & artistically? 

I have so many inspirations and of course it comes from different people.

1.Korean celebrity:They really put up on high investment into ‘PERFORMANCE’ and ‘APPEARANCE’.They struggle to have a cute face to win their fans' hearts. 

2.International celebrity: Everything they do,they always have the confidence and assume they are the best.but that’s what makes them good. Cuz I believe,with confidence you could do anything beyond expectations. 

8. What is the current single and album that you are releasing? 

I came out with ‘Mulut Longkang’ and then ‘Manusia Biasa’.. This august will be releasing my third single and then will came out with the Mini album on October 2012.

9. You are stuck on a Desert Island, what is the one thing you would carry to an Island? 

My BIBLE. Cuz I believe,BIBLE IS A LIFE. Bringing it along makes a new life for me even if i'm in a place where people call it a deserted island. 

10. Ten years from now you will be….


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Manusia Biasa

Mulut Longkang

Gerimis Mengundang OST

KnowThyMoney: Thanks a lot to Brenda for spending her time to answer these questions. Hope to hear more successes from you in your singing career in the near future. (Hear == more albums coming out)


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