Dance Steps Overkill

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | | 1 comments »

We have seen alot of popular & addictive dance moves. Here are some of them. (Since it is the middle of the week and soon there will be a long weekend holiday, I already "putus" semangat to work, lol)

Para Para Sakura - 

The Macarena 

Mr Bean Dancing 

Sorry Sorry Dance by Super Junior

Where the Hell is Matt ?2012

LFMAO - I am sexy & I know it (The previous champion in MV dance moves, IMHO)

And the latest dance craze move, provided you dare to dance it in the public is from a MV by rapper PSY which stands for PSYCHO. There is alot of reaction from other youtuber about this video. It is hillarious!!! It is a little similar to the "Where the Hell is Matt? " dance but with a tinge of sexual annotations.. lol.

It surely will beat LFMAO to emerge as the most VIRAL dance moves in 2012.

I guess SEX REALLY SELLS!!  Opps.. I mean dance moves..

The guy in the elevator really needs to be CENSORED OFF. (NSFW, depends..)

Gangnam Style - 30, 000,000 views!!! And counting


  1. ChampDog // 4:44 PM  

    I really enjoy Korea girls dancing in a team. Somehow, find it very cool! :) Heheheh...