Joke of The Day: Jessie Ooi's Question To Lim Guan Eng

Posted by Kris | Sunday, February 19, 2012 | | 1 comments »

When I saw this clip in TV3, I almost fell out of my chair. What the heck?? 

This is suppose to be a intellectual political discussion between Lim Guan Eng & Chua Soi Lek. But, the way she posed the "don't make sense question", it is like someone going into a bar fight. 

We want to see smart questions to posed to both speakers, not just ask question for the sake of asking question.

It is good that Malaysian politician has started the political public debate trend. The US Presidential debate is something very interesting to see. Or even the debate to find the presidential contender. However, hopefully the quality of questions posed by the audience will improve significantly. 

But i think it will ONLY improve for the better because HOW low can you go after the standard set by Jessie. :P


  1. ChampDog // 11:21 AM  

    This also tells the maturity of our politicians.