Welcome 2012 & Looking Back 2011

Posted by Kris | Sunday, January 01, 2012 | | 2 comments »

Resolution for 2011

1. Achieved realistically at least 10% ROI for my investments.  Market is very buoyant and bullish.
2. Lose a few more kilos to achieve my ideal weight. In the same time, try to lower my cholestrol levels to NORMAL levels. (5 Kilos more off to lose for 2011  is good number). Take care of health in a better way.
3. Rest more. And sleep more. (8 hours per day)  I was more relaxed the 2nd-half the year as my workload slows down.
4. Spend more times with family, friends, etc.  I am taking more holidays now to recharge.

So number 2 for year 2011 was not achieved as my cholesterol levels continue to rise T.T

What I Achieved In 2011

1. Completed buying a couple of properties this year. Buying property can be a very long, tedious and time consuming. Just need to keep on signing, signing & signing. All the paperwork. Next year is certainly going to be a challenging year for property sector.

2. Did technical presentations in 2 well known conferences in my field of expertise. It was nerve racking actually but according many feedback given by my colleague & friends, I was doing a pretty good job. I was very pleasantly surprised as I thought I can do better as I did not have time to really rehearse or practice. Just spontaneous and impromptu & implusive. LOL.  

3. Met a celebrity while I was holidaying in Sabah. She is the talented up-coming singer, Brenda Londoh. I like Sabah's beaches alot besides its friendly people.

Resolution for 2012

1. Need to lose some weight and led a healthy lifestyle. Something that i did not achieved in 2011. I think probably my lack of discipline.

2. Get up an running my personal project. This is something I want to try as I am naturally incline to build something up from scratch. I guess I like the learning process and challenge to reach my target goals. I am doing something that I like to do. I guess procrastination here is my number 1 enemy. 

3. Widen my circle of friends by spending some time to attend social gathering and activities. 2011 was just too busy for me because of my work, etc.

Anyway, looking forward for a good year 2012, and I hope I can reach my goals. And hopefully 2012, is not the end of the world..LOL like what many people believe . (Something I DON'T believe at ALL) :P


  1. ChampDog // 6:16 PM  

    Friend, you have cholesterol problem too? Seems like is a common problem to a lot of people nowadays. :)

    Happy New Year to you! If the world is really end this year, I think as long as we appreciate every moment and everyone that besides us. It is not really a big deal. :)

  2. Kris // 8:54 PM  

    Happy 2012 aka Dragon year to you too..

    Always enjoy life to the fullest!! :P