Miss ShokuButsu

Posted by Kris | Monday, November 28, 2011 | | 2 comments »

Here is a picture that I took randomly off the street while I was passing by. There was a huge group of girls posing, it looks like a competition of some sort. As i was in a rush to reach somewhere, i managed only to snap the following photos.

After googling, i only notice that the girl on the left is actually Miss Singapore Body Beautiful Body winner, Cherie Lee. See her site here.

And click to read more WHY she can win the Miss Singapore Body Beautiful. I personally, think that she can go far her career and she has a brains to match it too!! Beauty and Brains!!!

The following photos are taken from her blog.(http://cherielee.wordpress.com).

Cherie, let me know if you one day stumbled upon this blog and would like to remove these photo from www.knowthymoney.com . You are indeed deserve to WIN the title!!! 


  1. LCF // 10:38 PM  

    Haha Kris, I don't think she mind. Where was this competition held while you snapped the photo?

  2. Kris // 6:47 PM  

    LCF, the place was in a mall :P

    Not sure who won the competition though..