PlayStation Vita Vs Ipad & Iphone

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | | 4 comments »

I personally owned a PSP Lite for 3 years. So when i heard that there is a new version of PSP coming out, i just had to take a look. The last new version was PSP GO which i think don't really took off despite the newer slide on/off interface. There were no reason to upgrade to PSP GO. PSP GO was only lighter and smaller than the PSP Lite.

Now, here comes the touch screen PSP Vita supposely to kick Nintendo 3DS and Iphone/Ipad gang. PSP Vita also comes with Wifi, 3G and GPS. It has 2 cameras ; one at the front another at the bag. In short, it is really almost a smart phone without the phone capabilities. Here the youtube video by Sony Playstation. Looks very cool, BUT i don't think it will go far with very very entrenched dominance by Ipad & Iphone.

Here are my reasons:
1. I don't think the PSP game developers can churn fast enough new game titles for the PSP Vita compared to the explosive growth of apps and games by Apple Itune.
2. PSP games are more more expensive than Iphone game which can go for free or worst as low as USD0.99 cent!!!
3. There is no easy click and game download electronic storefront for PSP games. You need to physically go and buy the game at an video game store. For Iphone/Ipad or even Android users, any game can be easily downloadable through itune or Android market.
4. Something personal, i find that PSP screens are just too small for my liking after the coming of Ipad. There alot of good game title exclusively for PSP, but squinting my eye to appreciate the graphics really is a kill joy.

Conclusion: I planned to upgrade to an Ipad next year (3 years once) so i can reap tax rebate benefits since Ipad is claimable under Malaysian income tax as a personal computer.


  1. ChampDog // 9:01 PM  

    Ipad or Ipad 2? I'm sure you won't regret to get an Ipad. I play PSP before. If you want to rate, Ipad is the winner. You need to jailbreak it thought to make it more fun! :)

  2. Kris // 9:54 PM  

    ChampDog, I mean the latest Ipad version. I heard Ipad3 coming soon early next year :P

    Not sure whether Ipad is easy to jailbreak or not. I scare to brick it.

    My friend's Iphone got bricked and the wifi baseband got locked. So cannot connect to wifi. :(

    You jailbreak yours?

  3. ChampDog // 9:59 PM  

    Yes, I jailbrreak mine for iPad. Ipad is safer if compare to iPhone. Well, just follow the instructions carefully, then 99% you should be fine.

    There is a website called jailbreakme makes the jailbreak process even more easier - something like just one click. :) I haven't tried that but that is what I heard. I still use the conventional ways to jailbreak my iPad.

  4. LCF // 10:24 PM  

    Good info, I just got to know Ipad can be under Personal Computer