Hayate The Combat Butler

Posted by Kris | Monday, September 19, 2011 | | 0 comments »

I am watching this series. It is a Taiwanese series involving the lovely Korean actress, Park Shin Hye. The thing is that they did a good job lip-sync Mandarin on her.  I 100% believe that she actually spoke Korean during the filming while the rest of the casts are speaking Mandarin. I am always in awe or you can say readily deceived by how lip-sync really works. Because our mind cannot really comprehend and correlate lip movement to language, it as though she is truly speaking Mandarin. Every lip pouts, facial ticks/expression is so "look deceivingly" matching even though we all know Korean language is 360 degree very different from Mandarin.

Okey lar. I like to watch Park Shin Hye doing her cute and innocent faces. :D She has the cat like smile. Very natural and not overdoing it which I think Li Yi Jin's characther is doing too much!

There is another eye candy in the show for those guys that like mature looking woman. She is Li Yu Fen. There is a scene where she wore a 2 piece bikini. (see pic below) I am not telling you which episodes that scene is  :P You go and watch this comedic series.

And George Hu really played his character very well as the simple minded butler.