Amazon Kindle Fire at $199

Posted by Kris | Thursday, September 29, 2011 | , | 0 comments »

Amazon is attempting seriously challenge APPLE in the tablet space with a very cheap E-reader aka Kindle Fire. Talk about the timing as Steve Jobs steps down as APPLE CEO. At $199, it is so cheap compared to Ipad2 and Jeff Bezos (the guru behind Amazon) is really trying to sell the services rather than hardware, something what the gaming industry is doing. Gaming industry are profiting from game software sales rather than selling hardware like the Playstation , XBOX, etc. At one time XBOX consoles was selling at the loss, (i think it still do) just to capture the market and tap into the lucrative electronic gaming segment.

Another plus is this Kindle Fire uses color E-ink which consumes no power if you don't change your screen and is light on the eyes unlike backlight-led displays like Ipad. And it is much much smaller aka at only 7 inch monitor. And it runs on Android so you can play games on it!! (mine not be so fun, as the screen size is smaller compared to Ipad) Together with a easy to use amazon e-store, this could pose serious challenge to Apple's Itune, since Amazon literally sells alot more range of products other than digital music.

But with $199, it does not have a camera or a microphone. And No 3G, so you need wifi only.

Let's see how it turns out, maybe I will go for a Kindle Fire if i can play around with it.