England Goes Crazy Rioting

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | , , | 0 comments »


It seems that there is no significant triggering mechanism that trigger the infectious rioting and looting across England. It is like a flash mob scenario, where some group of people decided to riot and it quickly spread to other English towns. The English police is still not able to close down the riots after 5 days of battling the "yobs". They had to employ 16,000 police officers to stabilize London!! I wonder when will they send in the armies with order to shoot and kill rioters if these infectious rioting behaviors spreads throughout England.

I always thought that developed countries like England is very very safe. Boy, i am damn wrong. After this event, it made Malaysian streets looks much more safer to me.

Even "the good samaritan" concept is truly tested with the condemned acts captured in the video below. I hope the Malaysian student below, Mohd Ashraf will recover soon both physical and mental after the rioters pretended to help him only to find out that they are trying to rob him.

It is really a crazy crazy world over at England now.