Introducing Brenda Londoh

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Never in my wildest dream that I saw a real movie making in production during all my travels throughout the years. At the film shooting site, we were looking around to get a glimpse for any famous actor/actress that might be there. The scene were a little strange as all I see is that the cameramen crew were shooting/or hanging around a helicopter landing site, and I don't see any actor/actress there!?

Nevertheless, I managed to get to know and have a short chat with one of the stars of the movie. She is ..... Brenda Londoh. Spotted her while she was covering her head up with a thick scarf, presumably trying to avoid a sun tan on her very very fair skin!!. (I already got a sunburn for this trip due to my love of the beaches) At first we were reluctant to approach her.., but what the heck right, it is not everyday that we managed to spot a celebrity :P 

To our nervous relief, she is a very down to earth and friendly girl!!. She told us that she is a singer for the film's opening music soundtrack. (Maybe she is there to shoot a music video?!, hmm..i am not sure.) We snapped a few personal photos of her for remembrance of our trip. (who want to miss a chance to take photo with a lenglui celebrity...hehe :P)

Below is my picture of her, and some of the pics from her Facebook fanpage.

My Picture of Brenda Londoh

The Girl Next Door

Striking Pose

I did a little google research and found out that she is an upcoming local singer. Here is some profile info.

Her real name is Brenda Anura Lundo Jumin a Rungus-Dusun hailing from Kudat, Sabah. So Brenda Londoh is her stage name. She is under the recording company , eRama , a local Sabahan company. Age is think she is still very young as she like Naruto!!! (yeah!! a fellow anime lover)

Not much info 'yet' on her on the internet sphere, but with a beautiful voice it is a matter of time before she is on the radar screen of the music industry or magazines. She just released a single that managed to reach top of Sabah charts. 

Curious why the single is called "Mulut Longkang  Brenda" as she has bee stung lips like Angelina Jolie :P

Her music:
Click to listen.

P.S Brenda Londoh, I hope I manage to get your bio correct and do say hi in my blog if one day you managed to chance upon it.  Next time I meet you in the future (not sure when?? lol), I want to ask for your autograph!! :P


  1. ChampDog // 6:11 PM  

    Your life so meaningful! :)lol

  2. Kris // 8:30 PM  


    Why you say that? lol...

  3. ChampDog // 9:03 PM  

    Meet so many leng lui :) Chat with celebrities some more! I have never had such a chance. :)lol

  4. Brenda Londoh // 3:04 PM  

    Hi,Kris...^^ my fans(i called them Brenda GanX..Hihi..) told me abt your blog..and i was like..,uh? Thank you,Kris.... My name is Brenda Anura.not Brenda Aruna..hihi..

  5. Kris // 8:23 PM  

    Thanks, Brenda for dropping by. I have corrected your full name in my post :P Sorry...

    I never thought that you fans will discover my post...

    Btw, why you call your fans "Brenda GanX"? Because you also like Kenshin Himura of SamuraiX anime? lol..

    And I hope to see more of your blog postings in the future :D

  6. Anonymous // 1:38 PM  

    sumandak boh ti ahha