Why Single Pretty Women Wears Ring On the Fourth Finger

Posted by Kris | Thursday, June 09, 2011 | , | 6 comments »

This post is to seek some answers that KnowThyMoney has been puzzling about. Why a majority of single pretty ladies purposely wears a ring on the fourth finger. A ring on a fourth finger would give a perception that a lady is no longer available aka already married. Some confirmed single & non-available ladies do this. (i thought as long as girl is not married, it is still fair game :p )

Men i know had said that they will not approach a woman and will not flirt with her if they see a ring on her fourth finger. It is a form of courtesy. Is that true with all men?

NO, she is not my agent T.T , just some random pic of a dental student? Courtesy of Google Image Search

Is it to scare away or discourage potential "unwanted" advances that might want to pursue them? Especially young and attractive girls in the marketing & sale field aka Public Mutual agent or insurance agent. It is an undeniable fact that a pretty and attractive female sales person would most likely close more sales as compared to a normal looking female.

On the flip side, when they got married and got older, they are seldom seen to be wearing a wedding ring in public. Are they are giving signals to guys out there to try to flirt with them or pursue them (usually with a heavy make-up, to give a sense of attractiveness to fill up the void of youthfulness). Perhaps, they fear that it is hard to close sales when competing with a younger single female agent (not necessarily attractive)? 

Okey..she is not old..
For men, it is a norm that most of married men do not wear any wedding rings. Perhaps they still want to play around, commit adultery?? (Bad behavior) Some of weird reason i heard is that by wearing a ring, it will even attract more women especially unwanted ones. Some women prefer to be involved with married men as they are more stable financially and emotionally. Adultery is still a sin regardless of the circumstances, and it takes 2 to tango. Hence both party is guilty.Period.

Let me know what are your thoughts on this phenomenon.


  1. ChampDog // 12:44 AM  

    I flirt all types of girls whether they are single, married or lesbian. :)

    I'm married but I do not have the ring to wear. I don't like to wear it, that's why I don't buy it. :)

    If I were to buy it, I think most likely I will wear it. That is not a good financial choice if you buy something that you never wear. But, that doesn't mean I"m not available to be flirted.lol! :)

  2. Kris // 3:03 PM  


    How did you managed to propose and get married if you don't have a wedding ring?!

    Yalor..most married men don't wear ring due to this obvious reasons?? Your wife not angry with you?

    P.S Wedding banquets and divorce are both can be very expensive events.

  3. ChampDog // 3:09 PM  

    Ring is just a physical thing and no one enforces you that you must have a ring, you can only propose or get married. :D To answer that question, I propose with my heart! Hahaha...

    My wife doesn't have ring too. :D To be honest, I don't like to wear the ring. It just doesn't feel comfortable with me. If I somehow no choice, I will rather wear it as a necklace.

  4. Kris // 12:52 PM  

    haha... 1st time i heard can propose with a ring and succeeded..lol

    What happen if an attractive girl want to flirt with you because she sees no ring on the finger?? (a ring should send a not-available signal)..haha

  5. ChampDog // 9:48 PM  

    Apparently I'm the person who like to challenge the traditional ways of doing things.

    Although I wish but I don't get many chances like this. First, I"m in engineering field. :) Second, most of them who are close with me already knew I"m married. Third, I'm not those always like to go clubbing type.

    If really really happen (who knows right), of course I will just flirt back la but it shouldn't go any further. :D

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