Cimbclick MPH Book 30% Discount Offer

Posted by Kris | Saturday, May 28, 2011 | | 2 comments »

If you like to read books like me, Cimbclicks users offer as much as 30% for online purchases of selected books from MPH Online ( through cimbclick account. There are 200 selected books to choose from. Not bad indeed. It is really a good deal from cimblicks which i regret i did not see much earlier. Damn..

Personally, i never bought any books online in Malaysia as they still not as cheap as Amazon, the king of online book sales. You really can get dirt cheap quality books there. In Malaysia, I tend to lament that the English language books are "more" expensive as compared to Malay or Chinese version of the same book. I guess this had to do with some copyright or royalty issue that causes the price discrepancies.

Well here is the link to 30% discounted book titles

Do let me know if there is some good book out there and recommend me some titles. From my book reviews, you will see that I do read a wide range of subjects :P So don't be shy to start recommending.

I will finish another book soon, and i will share my thoughts with you all :)


  1. ChampDog // 12:42 AM  

    I've never bought book online in Malaysia too. I think I will try that out soon without me physically go to the bookstore.

    One think nice about going to bookstore, you can read those books on the spot. I just finished reading a book in MPH this weekend while waiting for someone...

  2. Kris // 9:34 PM  

    Seems that Malaysian are on the trend to buy and sell online.

    Maybe I will give it a try because of the cimbclicks' 30% discount :P