Good Financial & Entrepreneurship Magazines That I Read

Posted by Kris | Friday, April 01, 2011 | , | 0 comments »

Here is the list of magazines that I try to read on a monthly basis. I consider these magazines very informative and a good source of reading. I abandoned Reader Digest since secondary school as I realized that the quality articles gets lower and its pricey price does not justify it. 

So here are those 3 monthly magazines, but all of them are in the American context and cost a bomb since they are imported. US is really the land of opportunity and dreams, hence it is not surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs are created there. Each is roughly >RM20. IMHO, there are not many local entrepreneurship magazines that is relevant enough to browse through. T.T

Entrepreneur, Fast Company & INC - Available in Borders. (Not sure whether other book store have it or not)