Engineers Can Be Cool Too!!

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | | 4 comments »

I always wondered why Engineer as a profession don't get as much of attention as compared to other professions such as policemen, lawyers, doctors and teachers. Other profession enjoyed so much attention that most of these professions are highlight extensively in popular TV drama or sitcom.

Doctors, (House MD, Grey's Anatomy)

Lawyers, (The latest show, Drop Dead Diva)

Criminal Investigator, Police,  (CSI, Criminal Minds)

Teacher (Great Teacher Onizuka)

And Even Housewives!!! (Desperate Housewives)

In the end, the only sitcom/drama related to engineer is this:

The Big Bang Theory

And the only engineer is Howard Holowitz, whom is constantly teased in the group because he is an engineer without a PHD degree but he always defended that he has a Masters from MIT. He is portrayed as a geeky fashionista and a ladies man wannabe. (Notice that his belt is very unique)

Everyone has a PHD except the Engineer!! Damn it!

Note that I see that a significant financial bloggers in Malaysia are not from the finance industry but are engineers!! ChampDog is one of them, Kclau has a degree in engineering although he does not practising it.

Engineers are often stereotyped as very geeky and I always get the comment from my marketing friends that highlight on an engineer's behavior... I am not sure whether this is a good or bad comment. Haha

"Why Engineers Like To Ask So Many Questions"

Well engineers can be cool too. Just that i think we are trained to be very analytical, (something we gained during our university studies) and might look to be very geeky in some ways. 

"Why They Need Everything In Black & White, Clear Cut Manner"

"Engineers are typically not a very socialite animal" -> Always stay at home instead of partying the weekend away.

Anyway, I setup a facebook group called "Secret Society of Engineers". (Just search for it) So fellow engineers are welcomed to join the group. It is a group to chit-chat about anything related of engineering fetishes :P

Here is the path if you are interested to join: Just join and I will add you in :)


  1. ChampDog // 12:05 PM  

    Thanks for mentioning me and you forgot to mention you're engineer too! :) Hahaha...

    Can "Fringe" to be considered as engineer related TV drama?

    My marketing friends have a similar observation. They always commented engineers are so boring! :D Hopefully that statement doesn't include me! Kekeke...

    Yes, in general I think engineers are introvert and tend to be analytical. It depends on how much you "like" about engineering stuff. The more you "like", the more "geeky" you are!

    I'm actually quite sad when we talk about this topic because engineers in fact are the smartest people but they're usually not the most successful people.

    Is that something wrong with the education system or the people or the world or government?

  2. Kris // 10:36 PM  

    I think most engineers are risk adverse people hence the chances of successful in business field is quite slim. Engineers make good employees though.

    I think it is about comfort zone as graduate engineers earn quite comfortable as compared to other fields such as marketing, accountancy, etc.

    Our pay start off high at the beginning, but at the end it plateau very quickly..Whereas marketing and accountacy is low at the beginning and in the end becomes like a rocket..

    How many MNC CEO's come from engineering background..sadly very few.

  3. kampunginvestor // 12:01 PM  

    I am a qualified engineer but never became an engineer before. You know why?

    Quoted from Kris :-

    How many MNC CEO's come from engineering background..sadly very few.


  4. Kris // 11:47 PM  


    I did not know that you are a qualified engineer :P

    Looks like a lot of financial bloggers are engineers..haha