Largest Drop In A Single Day 2011: KLCI Drops 32 Points To Close At 1503

Posted by Kris | Thursday, February 10, 2011 | | 2 comments »

Blood is on the streets as KLCI opens -15 points and stays put throughout the morning session. At the close, KLCI shed a total of 32 points making today the largest single day drop for 2011. It is because the latest china rate hike during the China's week long CNY holiday or our BULL needs more rest before charging to new highs?? Lets see the coming days to get a clearer short term picture on where our KLCI is heading to.

The remaining card this year is of course the Malaysia election.


  1. kampunginvestor // 2:24 PM  

    A massive drop is healthy once in a while. Don't too often.. If not, we will see BLEEDING LOVE! haha

  2. Kris // 7:17 PM  

    Bleeding love might be an opportunity to grab the same love that once rejected you previously when the market is at all time high.. lol.