Terminologies & Trends For The 2009-201x Bull Market

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I started this blog around 2006. I have been actively reading through the blog-sphere all this while. MINUS my exodus years. (I called it my imprisonment years) .I do see a blogging trend throughout the years. Btw, I am started to see a few formerly "exclusively personal finance bloggers" going into the stock & futures market. This might be a writing in the wall for the coming bull slaughter.

BULL market - A lot of postings on buy/sell logs. A lot of blogs do sprung out also that attract huge followings, spams, etc.

BEAR market - A lot of very popular blogs die off too. ( I think I blogged this before in my old posts) Maybe coincidences with the writer getting burned badly during the crash.

A lot of TA methods being employed by traders, as highlighted in their blog. But in general, for the Malaysian blog-sphere, there usually a dominant TA tool being used by the trading/punting/gambling population.

2005-2007 Bull Market - MACD, MCD (sounds like Macdonalds) you will heard terms such as golden cross, dead cross, bullish/bearish divergence. Truly a period of MACD.

2009-201x Bull Market - latest TA tool to hit Malaysia in a big way. Trend that i am seeing is, VSA (Volume Spread Analysis). This technique plays around the meaning of spread and volume to detect smart money plays. And if you googled around, you will know who is promoting this technique in Malaysia, if you are interested.

There are no ultimate TA/FA/RA techniques in the stock market.

A legendary weapon is only great in the hands of a experienced user.