KLCI Had The Steepest Lost This Week In 2011 (-19.08 Points)

Posted by Kris | Saturday, January 22, 2011 | , | 0 comments »

Well most of the investment & stock blog sphere is very bullish since the coming election is yet to be announced. The CNY & January effect seems to be watered down with this weeks' 3 trading days consecutive losses, culminating on Friday's steep fall. 

Bursa in steep pullback but 'bullish trend intact' - Headline at TheEdge online news portal. 

What is in store for next week? Who knows.. 

For those that is bullish, last Friday was mega-cheap sale.
For those that is bearish, it was a hell-raising experience. You not yet see a -40 point drop. I believe if there is a crash it will surpass the -40 point drop that was seen during the last bull run. Thus, I believe that this is just a small correction.

For me, I am still holding down the fort. Not much impact to my portfolio as I am holding small-caps stocks and a few sometimes can be very 'illiquid' warrants. (Currently in the money with long expiration date). The Msia market prefer 'high profile' warrants to chase regardless of the premium. 'High profile' here means that the mother share is very violatile. Mine is not so sexy hence the low impact during the drop on Friday.

For Mutual Funds, my funds related to the KLCI seems to be one gaining the most as compared to those exposed to China. I sold off funds that is exposed to the Middle East that is literally moving like a snail so I can pour more into stocks. I don't think they can recover to the level prior to the Dubai meltdown.

What will be the next theme play? I believe now we are entering the phase that selective stock picking will be essential to profit. Unlike previous months, that you can simply throw a dart at any stock and the stock will rise eventually.