My Resolution 2011 & Looking Back 2010

Posted by Kris | Friday, December 31, 2010 | | 0 comments »

This is the first time i have written such a post. I think it is a good idea that I note down my resolutions for the coming year and what i had achieved the previous year.

What I have achieved in 2010:

1. Finished my long, time consuming, and tedious project that acts as my backup plan.
2. Started active investment again after 2 year hiatus partly because item 1 required my fullest focus.

Resolution for 2011

1. Achieved realistically at least 10% ROI for my investments.
2. Lose a few more kilos to achieve my ideal weight. In the same time, try to lower my cholestrol levels to NORMAL levels. (5 Kilos more off to lose for 2011  is good number). Take care of health in a better way.
3. Rest more. And sleep more. (8 hours per day)
4. Spend more times with family, friends, etc.

5.Plan to start-up something that can get me out of being being a pencil/keyboard pusher all my life on a part-time basis.

It is not wrong or bad being a pencil/keyboard pusher, where a fixed stream incomes comes in very month into my wallet, but that income is somehow very very capped and very much does not skew favorably in terms of the hours/effort you put in compare to the monetary terms.