KLCI At 1513.7. A Bull Run Commerces

Posted by Kris | Thursday, November 11, 2010 | | 0 comments »

KLCI has broke the high that was achieved by the last bull run that is 1524.7. Leading the charge above the 1,500 mark was oil palm plantation stocks. CPO prices shoot up from 2800+ to ~3400+. Then mining related stocks followed suit together with property stocks and O&G stocks. Brokerage stocks like Insas, TA and OSK rose with the hint that OSK would be taken over by Maybank.

The quantitive easing (QE2) by the Feds is creating a lot of liquidity, and with the very weak USD environment, it is logical that all the hot money is pouring into Asia, up to the point that Taiwan is tightening the hot money supply growth to avoid a repeat of the 1999 Asian Financial crisis.

Bank Negara has also implemented a 70% loan for any third or more property purchases to stem a property bubble. This means the buyers need to fork out 30% of the property's price as down payment. I am not sure whether this can really stem speculation though, as there is a lot of walk-round against this ruling.

The Chinese New Year and the coming General Election will be a good catalyst to keep the bull running for some time. 

Malaysia's stock market tend to be themed oriented. So what is next week's play? :P