Fire Sell on KLCI on Coming This Monday?

Posted by Kris | Saturday, November 13, 2010 | , | 0 comments »


The fear of an interest hike by China which is to curb speculative inflow similar to those experienced by Malaysia spooked the US. Commodities prices are failing. Nasdaq was the worst hit by dismayed earnings by CISCO which i think is overblown by the media. While just today , giant INTEL CORP (ticker: INTC) has announced an increased of 15% dividend payout to 18cents. If INTEL, largely a consumer spending based companies is able to increase dividend payout in times "of great distress", then the scenario is not all that bad.

So coming this Monday, KLCI will probably plunge because we are always sensitive to external shocks. The question is that when if it fails, do you dare to catch the failling knife which would turn out to be cheap buys?

I remember during the violatile 2007-2008 , the KLCI dropped to like -40 points and across the board all counters lost like 30% of the market value in a single day. If you dare to buy in at the time, you would make a handsome return a few days later when it recovered :P Alas, i am lazy to find which post that i wrote that time.