Bursa Malaysia: Ranking And Comparing Malaysia Broker

Posted by Kris | Monday, November 22, 2010 | , | 5 comments »

Market is getting hotter day by day. Thus, for those newbies out there, below is a good link to do comparison between the charges, services fee among our local brokerage investment firms. 

Click link below here:

Personally, here are a few tips on choosing a good brokerage firm to start your investments.

1. Don't always look for the cheapest brokerage fees around. Look for the best customer services given to you by the dealer representative or remisiers.  You will need their help even though you trade online. Human touch and strong people relationships cannot be replaced completely by technology. Trust me on this.

2. Trade online if possible. This allows you to monitor your portfolio if you have time and also it is cheaper in terms of brokerage. Minus the frustration of waiting your remisier/dealer to close your trade for you when the market gets damn damn hot until the online systems hanged up. This @#$@ events do happen!! Imagine trying to buy air tickets online when Airasia announces free seats!!

3. Location of the nearest branch for the investment brokerage is important. You don't want to spend alot of time going to and fro, especially when you need to deposit or collect cheques for your investments.

4. Optional: Open a few CDS accounts with a few brokerage firms. So that you can see what are their platforms are , customer services, services offered (such as off border trades), promotions, etc. And then you make your decision.

Happy Investing!!



  1. Simon // 11:39 AM  

    I got 3 platform
    and found a good remisier...
    from kng.

    so far the best platform still kng compared with osk and hlib

  2. Kris // 7:49 AM  

    Simon, A good remisier is better than any good platform :P

  3. Anon118 // 5:51 PM  

    Maybe you 2 sifu wanna define what is a "good remisier"?

    I'm a noob, wanna learn ma :D

  4. Kris // 7:46 PM  


    Good means like good friend that would answer tons of question on the stock market and including any insider news :P (of course up to you judgement to accept or not)

  5. Anonymous // 10:33 AM  

    Thanks Kris...
    Anon118 :)