Niche Dominators : Success Secret Exposed

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I am almost halfway from finishing reading this book. For the benefit of the doubt, I will give my rating after I finished reading it. Nevertheless, I do have a good bias on it as further explained below.

I stumbled upon this book at MPH while searching for books on entrepreneurship. I could not find this books at Borders or Popular after I bought it from MPH. This is just to show that MPH seems to be having a larger/wider variety of books besides just having popular titles. Furthermore, MPH seems to be carrying more local context books aka books by local or ASEAN authors.

Nevertheless, the book's beautiful design and title itself caught my attention. However, the case studies are mostly on successful Singaporean entrepreneurs. IMHO, as of now, it is "still hard" to find books on the strategies employed by Malaysian entrepreneurs excluding the usual fare on buying/flipping properties, Internet marketing, MLM or picking stocks. However, the number of local Malaysian authors publishing their successful modus operandi on the paperback is on the rise. Kudos on that!! 

But I am sorry to say that I am guilty of not buying these local books (on stocks, properties, MLM) unless it really interests me. The reason is largely due to my faster than average reading abilities. Thus, normally I can finished reading these books in just under 20-30 minutes thus discouraging me to buy them in the first place. And the other reason is that usually these books are very good for exposure purposes to beginners but not for advanced/intermediate reader like me on a certain subject matter. 

Thus, I bought this book; Niche Dominators: Success Secret Exposed for RM49.90 because it think it is a keeper and also the book is quite thick for me to finish under 20-30 minutes :P Note: I don't judge a book by its cover nor by the number of pages. (The quality of the content is very important!!). Thus, for thick books usually, i just read through a few chapters and if it piques my interest more, I will buy it for future reading.

I have more books on my reading list for 2010, all nicely stored on my book shelf.

Do post your comments if you have read this book before or have any recommendations on similar genre books so I can go hunt for them.