Why Employer Encourages Froggers?

Posted by Kris | Thursday, August 12, 2010 | | 9 comments »

After being an employee for so long, one thing that I don't really understand is that employers like to import new employees or froggers (because there are lot of serial jumpers) instead of grooming existing potential local pool of people that have work hard and are very experienced in their job for the company.

No doubt that the new blood may have a lot of experienced in their previous job but seriously in my field, it may take a long time for an individual to take up the job scope unless he/she is a fast learner. (Machines are not easy to repair and operate) Nevertheless, the new bloods are usually have higher salary than existing employees since they are baited to jump over. Furthermore, early expectation are lower because we need to give time to learn the ropes. I know a few frogs whom jump a few companies and became managers in a few years!!

Thus, I have a lot of seniors leaving the company even though my department is growing in size in leaps and bound. The reason is that higher ranking positions are given to froggers. These froggers are in turned jumping ship because of higher salary and because their own companies are facing the same growth saturation problem.

These growth of froggers really demotivates me since the room for growth have been taken up (salary & ranks have quota too) and in turn tempts me to jump ship to easily get a handsome pay raise.

I guess loyalty and dedication don't really pay if indeed there is a greener pasture on the other side. I really need to talk to my boss huh to address this burning fustration!!!


  1. kampunginvestor // 12:24 AM  

    That is the real world. You can't do much on this issue. Sometimes i feel that our bosses should appreciate those long serving workers intead of the new ones.

    Bosses tend to overlook the older employees contributions because it has been a habit they look at you work and contribute to the company growth.

    If you have employers who dont appreciate, just leave man! No need think so many times!

  2. Kris // 10:24 PM  

    I guess its a normal that people take for granted things that have been so familiar with..

  3. kampunginvestor // 7:59 AM  

    True true. Generally human tend to take things for granted.

    Me, you we are humans too. I am sure we take things for granted at times as well right brother?

  4. Kris // 10:40 AM  

    Yeah..KampungInvestor T.T

  5. ChampDog // 4:38 PM  

    Interesting, this is really up to the employer or the hiring manager. Theoretical, I think they should look for the internal candidates first.

  6. kampunginvestor // 10:47 PM  

    @Kris : I have taken things for granted and i have had a great loss in my life. I really hope i can learn from this mistake. Not easy to learn or change but i really hope i can learn from it.

    @ChampDog :Usually employers will not look internally first because they are so used to you working for them at that position. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Kris // 7:13 PM  

    KampungInvestor, cheer up. Time is a great healer and ask for forgiveness then.

    Good luck!!

  8. kampunginvestor // 11:27 PM  

    @kris : I think i have been forgiven but don't know have the chance to tebus back my mistakes or not? -_-


  9. Kris // 11:14 AM  

    KampungInvestor, sure can one lar..just keep on attacking :P

    Life is short..so go for it!!