CIMBCLICK Unit Trust Online Transaction : Cheap Entry

Posted by Kris | Sunday, January 24, 2010 | , | 12 comments »

Finally, I have the time to post this up in my blog. Below screenshot was my initial transaction that I did online through CIMBCLICKs. I basically paid the unit trust through my savings account.

The thing that attracted me to transact through CIMBCLICKs is the wide range of available unit trust(sorry PB Mutual funds are not there) and the super duper low entry fee. Besides, that CIMBCLICKs has provided an quite clean and easy to use interface to keep track of all my personal finances in a single website.. Woot.

Here I only paid 2.5% entry fee as compared to the normal 5%-6% that will be incurred if you go through an agent. Things are cheaper if you take the effort to DIY and do it online!!

Take note again that you first need to have a unit trust account that you buy exclusively from a UT agent at the CIMB Bank and NOT independent agents.

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  1. Michelle // 10:19 PM  

    Informative blog, Kris... Thanks for the sharing... should look into CIMB online unit trust investment.

  2. Kris // 8:21 PM  

    Thanks. It is cheaper than you know who..since it is online, it is easy to keep track of everything and to transfer funds to it. All available in CIMBCLICKs.

  3. Anonymous // 5:44 AM  

    Just to share. is selling unit trust at 2% or even lower. You all should really try it! =)

  4. Kris // 7:17 PM  

    Yes, Anonymous I know that Fundsupermart is selling at a much lower commission rate.

    Here my take on it 2cent take.

    1. Not much advertising/roadshow/magazine ads to educate any one interested in Malaysia on its services.

    2. I prefer to have an integrated platform with everything all in one. This eases me to do tracking and management of my assets. Besides, CIMBCLICKs has so far fulfilled my requirements such as loans, fixed deposit, unit trust, share trading, etc.

    Perhaps you can highlight the advantages of fundsupermart :P I am always exploring for good investment alternatives.

  5. belacan // 11:51 PM  

    "Take note again that you first need to have a unit trust account that you buy exclusively from a UT agent at the CIMB Bank and NOT independent agents."

    Any UT agent from CIMB Bank? Is agent registered under CIMB Wealth Advisor considered as well? It will automatically appear in CIMBClicks or we need to apply for it even we have existing savings account in CIMBClicks?

    Wanted to transact online thru CIMBClicks but need some direction ^^

  6. Kris // 9:18 AM  

    Hi Belacan,

    I hope i answered your questions on my latest post on CIMBClicksEInvest.


  7. Anon118 // 5:55 PM  

    Kris, just to state clearly, you are not employed by CIMB or have any conflict of interest, right? :P
    You too "pro-CIMB", I'm juz curious ;)

  8. Kris // 7:44 PM  

    Anon, don't you know that i am one of the major share holder in CIMB?? haha..kidding..

    I am not affiliated with CIMB nor receive any endorsement fees from them. Although giving me some, would not heard..:P

    Hoping some CIMB higher management gives me some credit on this :)

  9. Hj Azrul // 11:45 AM  
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  10. Anonymous // 9:23 PM  

    U know why cimb UT online SC is cheap bcoz it uses machine and not human service.....bear in mind, there is no relationship existed. If u only invested RM500....u might not care not being service by a UT agent. But if a high end client who invest more than a million might want someone who is not a machine to come and explain further details about his or her investment. Just my two cents..... :-)

    I am not pro cimb or public bank but hv been working in the bank industry (foreign largest bank in malayisa) for more than 7 years......

  11. Kris // 9:56 PM  

    Anonymous, I agree that there is no human interaction since we buy the unit trust online.

    But it is a great way to save on cost for newbies that start out the journey to financial freedom. Not all people have millions lying here and there to spare. :P

  12. mumbra99 // 11:32 AM  

    haha.. siot je