Google Local Business Center: Damn Good Idea

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | , | 1 comments »

Google has done it again. Another synergistic product that combines google map abilities with advertising aka something similar with the traditional yellow pages. As always everything seems to be free., but in reality that has always been Google's modus operandi. They are a "software" company that make money without selling any software at all but selling advertisement indirectly in the consumers' face. Something like ad placement you see in movies, subtlety influencing you to buy the product in the long run.

Honestly, I thought of coming with this idea >half year back but I am not very good in coding websites...

This post just to strongly remind me that, IDEAS ARE NOTHING IF THERE IS NO EXECUTION. DAMN!!

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, I just need to find the strength to execute it. I don't want to have any regret of not doing it. We only live once.



  1. ChampDog // 9:43 PM  

    Yes, execution and implementation is important. No matter how many ideas that you have, without that it is still useless. It is also similar with theory vs practical.