All That Glitter Is Not Gold: Fools' Gold

Posted by Kris | Monday, October 19, 2009 | , , | 0 comments »

All that glitter is may not be gold. Thus, in our pursue of choosing the right stock or funds, we tend to chase those hot & controversial types. 1/10 times , these pursue bears fruit and you got a rare and valuable gem. But unfortunately, as similar to real life 9/10 times , it turn out to be FOOLS' GOLD. By chasing these hot stocks/funds, we waste our valuable capital, resource, energy hoping that it will bloom into a beautiful flower.

Thus, we missed the boat to put our energies into something more productive. This is called MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. Nevertheless, it is better for us to open our eyes wide to look for the hidden gems lying in the stock market universe. We should never bound ourselves up on a single stock that has not proven itself. This is called "BLINDNESS".

Once a hidden gem is discovered, we should pour resources into it so that our wealth can grow with each polishing on the uncut gem. An uncut gem may not be shining brightly than a fools' gold but the beauty lies underneath. I think i may just found a hidden gem. Now, time will tell whether i am able to bring out the true beauty in it...It been rejected before by those that does not appreciate it..Woot!!

With the DJIA rising over 10,000 points and our beloved KLCI reaching new yearly high, it is imperative for me to not chase the stocks and got whacked by the GREATER FOOL THEORY. I will stay put with my hidden gem =)

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