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Interesting post on how these bloggers built up their wealth and sharing their secrets.

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Wealthy Blogger List – August 2009 Updates

Another month has flown by and it is time to update the Wealthy Blogger list yet again. I have had a few changes to the list lately, mainly you will notice Man Vs. Debt as well as Llama Money fell off the list, but Happy Money Medium has joined the list as of early last month.

Last Updated: 08/05/2009

SiteNet WorthVariance*
Poorer Than You($37,985.00)- $425.00
Savings not Shoes($19,839.00)+ $3,902.00
My Pretty Pennies$168.00NEW
Spilling Buckets($5,618.00)+ $3,547.00
Punch Debt in the Face$13,669.00+ $2,941.00
My Money Shrugged$35,161.37+ $2,970.16
One Mans Money$44,651.53+ $5,033.72
Carrie on the Cheap$46,345.00NEW
Suburban Dollar$54,256.00+ $5,850.00
Budgets are Sexy$95,149.11NRY
Pantsinacan$197,324.00+ $9,071.00
My Money Blog$248,212.00+ $28,867.00
Happy Money Medium$224,430.25NRY
Consumerism Commentary$255,974.00+ $19,994.00
Million Dollar Journey$355,850.00NRY
Money Blue Book$461,880.00+ $53,721.00
2million Blog$497,088.46NRY
Boston Gal$511,137.02NRY
Enough WealthA$702,509/$591,300(USD)+$77,400.00
Free By 50$590,822.00NRY
Sun Financial Diary$664,402.27+ $63,155.58