King Of Pop , Michael Jackson Pass Away At 50

Posted by Kris | Friday, June 26, 2009 | | 1 comments »

I know something was wrong this morning as I heard radio stations playing his songs & calling today "Michael Jackson Day". Tributes given to him posthumously were almost similar to that of Princess Diana.

Root cause of death is unknown but mostly likely to be cardiac arrest as reported by the media. He looked too thin to get an heart attack to me. He was about to embark on a 50 concert world tour to spark his singing career back to life and pull himself out of the brink of bankruptcy after his infamous scandals.

In his death that he is more popular and larger than life itself. Why do legends are borned when death came knelling?! How ironic?!


  1. Avatar // 10:18 PM  

    Most of the time, we take things or people for granted. Now that Michael is no longer with us, it is normal that people treasure him more.