Tracking Your Mutual Fund Performance In Malaysia

Posted by Kris | Friday, May 15, 2009 | , , | 9 comments »

I accidentally stumbled upon this website

. It is truly a smart idea to provide such a portal for free to the public. It lets me keep up to date the mutual fund portfolio that I have from various institutional like CIMB, PBB, AMB, etc. The funds available for display is very wide.

Furthermore, there is a sister website to it. Look here.

That shows all info related to each mutual funds such as size fund, management fees, switching fees & any info you need to know that you can find in a prospectus without going to each fund seller's website. (Fund profile)

The good part is that it allows you to compare any funds side by side.(Fund Compare) It lets you compare the funds' performance for 3  month, 6 month & 1 year, 3, year , 5 year fund performance for most of the funds in Malaysia. The only cons is that it don't show any graphical information on the fund performance over various time horizons.

There is a even a fund screener that allows you to search for funds that has certain criterias that you desired. (Fund Screener).

To add more icing to the cake. There is even a game for mutual fund investing ..LOL Although not as interesting as stock, futures or options trading simulations. Nevertheless, it good for newbies in the financial markets. Here is the game. I am not sure how it works as I don't have much time to play these games.

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  1. Calvyn // 11:15 PM  

    last time i do track UT, but now not much, i just rely on my agent

  2. imDavidLee // 8:44 AM  

    hmm..after compare the different funds, i can see public mutual fund still no 1, followed by CIMB

  3. Kris // 2:40 PM  


    I don't really actively track UT also. Not really worth my time to do so as I have no control over what the fund manager does. It is one of my "passive" investment. Nevertheless, i do a quarterly financial check on my all my investments to see where I stand. :P


    I concur with you that public mutual fund is still no.1 in terms of returns and fund categories. Nevertheless, in any ventures that
    I am involved in , I wish to gain the highest ROI possible. Thus, minimizing transaction fees is one of ways to maximize returns.Thus, the CIMBClickEinvest posts.

    I do know of another worthy alternative way to buy Mutual Funds which i am going to share out in the near future.

  4. ChampDog // 4:47 PM  

    Wow, cool website! Btw, can the website track our unit trust investment? If yes, it is only for 14 days free trial? Is this true?

  5. Kris // 5:52 PM  


    I agree that is freaking cool idea. The only sad thing is that why did i not think of it before...LOL

    I don't think there is a 14-day trial. Although i remember seeing it somewhere at these 3 sites. "" is good for me

    You don't actually need to register. I register at the above website so i can tag my favorite funds each time i re-login back.

  6. ChampDog // 7:47 PM  

    I mean track when we buy, how much we buy, when we sell and how much we sell and at the end probably some reports telling us how much we have earn or lost so far.

    So far, my UT's agent does all that for me and I do track it by myself with my conventional excel spreadsheet. So can the website do such stuff? I believe so?

  7. Money4Invest // 10:14 PM  

    Thanks for the post and I just bookmarked the website suggested by you. I found it's good and convenient for me to compare the funds and track their daily prices. :)

  8. Kris // 11:01 PM  


    I see what you mean now.

    The regular subscription fee is RM180.00 per year or RM15 per month.
    However, we are offering a promotional rate of only RM99 per year for the FIRST 500 subscribers.
    Please take advantage of this offer and subscribe now!

    If you follow the tour, i believe it can do what you want. But for RM15 per month or even RM99 per year (promotion), not sure if that it is really worth it rather than using simple old excel sheet.:P


  9. jamesbalfour // 2:23 PM  

    I like your post its really nice , great thoughts thanks for sharing this.