Malaysia "Now" In Technical Recession: -4% to -5% Growth

Posted by Kris | Thursday, May 28, 2009 | , | 9 comments »

Okey. We are "now" officially baptized as having a technical recession. Note it is not a full-blown recession but a technical one.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the moment "Bolehland" announced that we are in a recession, the bottom is near at sight. At least, that is what i am hoping for. 


  1. ChampDog // 4:39 PM  

    Is this considered bad? Especially in PG I see a lot of people still willing to spend. :)

  2. ChampDog // 4:41 PM  

    Is this considered bad? I still see a lot people wiling to spend in PG. :)

  3. Kris // 9:51 PM  

    Penang is Malaysia silicon valley. Thus, the spending power is considerable compared to other states excluding KL.

    But from what i know, alot of MNC are giving VSS or laying off workers in Penang due to the economic crisis.

    But somehow our KLCI can still stand on the 1,000 point line.

  4. Tze Ling // 1:37 PM  

    may i knw wat r u working as? -5% growth, tats bad news my god, even harder to find job, boo.

  5. Kris // 7:02 PM  

    Tze Ling,

    I am in the engineering line :P

  6. Tze Ling // 2:33 AM  

    semicon/oil&gas/...? whicn eng huh, haha:P

  7. Kris // 11:08 PM  

    All engineers are the same in my opinion, Tze Ling.. :P

  8. Tze Ling // 1:30 AM  

    Just curious anyway, nvm if u don't wish to expose. :)

  9. ChampDog // 10:05 PM  

    I just realize I double post. :) Sorry about that.

    Yes, some MNCs are giving VSS. It is not easy to get a job if you're jobless now.