I Sold My Unit Trust Through CIMBClicksEInvest

Posted by Kris | Friday, May 22, 2009 | , | 2 comments »

I sold my unit trusts on 13th May. I am not being superstitious on that day to sell but i felt that i need to lock in my >18% profit (thanks to the recent stock market rally). 

Even though the sum is so small compared to my recent losses, it is my risk conscious mentality doing the talking here.

Thus, I redeemed my units online. The money was channeled back into my savings account , 7 days later aka on 20th May. Not bad, very efficient. Just click click click here (actually 4-5 clicks suffice) and there. And viola.

My next revisit on this topic will likely on how to buy more unit trust through CIMBClicksEinvest as i bought in the current ones through an agent as my virgin entry into this portal. Read my previous post on the need to open an CIMB unit trust account.

I hope to see that CIMB really stands true to its words that online transaction will cost like ~2.5% only when buying through CIMBClicksEInvest.

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  1. imDavidLee // 11:14 PM  

    can earn 18% during this ecnomic crisis is not bad..

  2. Kris // 12:43 AM  

    I think a lot of people earn more than 18% percent especially those who bought during the DJIA=6,000 mark.