Sukuk Bonds: RM2.5Billion To The Govt Coffers

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, April 14, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Just came back from buying the guaranteed Malaysian Govt, 5% Islamic Sukuk bonds. It is the lowest risk and highest return so far offered by the market. Fixed deposit is only a mere ~3% per annum thus is bond is highly sought after by the public. This is the 1st series sale by the government. They need our cold hard cash!!

Reason I buy: Good place to park my "unused" money instead of FD prior to buying more stocks, options , mutual funds during this recession. And it can easily allows me to redeem my capital at least after the 1st quarterly dividend payout. :P

Another RM2.5bln offer will come as the 2nd series. You can buy it any commercial bank branch, preferably the one that you have an account with. (with money in it of course)

See here for more info:Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009