RM980 Million ASW 2020 Sold In 4 Hours!!

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, April 28, 2009 | | 0 comments »

The craze is on to buy the ASW 2020 that started to be sold this morning and it was sold out within a freaking 4 hours!! 

It is a good thing that I did not intend to buy up ASW 2020 since I have put a portion of my monies into the Sukuk and the ASM. If not , i will be wasting my precious time queueing up.. Heck in some banks, they don't have enough/ran out of ASW2020 purchase FORMs!!

Does this mean that the bottom of the current recession has arrived??Everyone is scared to put some money into equities or mutual funds.Those brave souls that invested before the current rally in March 2009, will most likely be earning at least 10-25% depending on their entry point.

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