U.S. Private Sector Cuts 697,000 Jobs In February

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Btw..Malaysia is still fundamentally strong and will not succumb to the financial recession. That is what I always hear nowadays from the local govt sponsored TV Ads. This is small news compared to the political drama that is be acted out in Malaysia. It beats watching an HollyWood movie anytime!!

One in five U.S. mortgage borrowers are underwater

NEW YORK (Reuters) - One in five U.S. homeowners with mortgages owe more to their lenders than their properties are worth, and the rate will increase as housing values drop in states that have so far avoided the worst of the crisis, a new study shows.

Even at Seven Dollars, GE's Not Cheap

At $7, GE has an equity market cap of $75 billion and net debt of $475 billion. Add those together, and you get an enterprise value of $550 billion. Last year, GE had free cash flow (operating cash flow less capital expenditures) of $32 billion. $550 billion divided by $32 billion gets you 17X.