Market Jitters

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | | 0 comments »

The bear rally is pausing for a stop due to lack of good economic data & news. It gain around 21% in just 17 trading days!!

1. Obama is threatening the auto industry to buck up or face bankruptcy. It is NO wonder why he never do this on the financials. I guess financials are TOO big to fail. This is the 1st test on whether he is BOLD enough to execute his threats if the auto's still slacking away. A lot of used to be "secure" jobs going to be lost if GM, FORD , etc faces bankruptcy. 

1 point for Obama for firing GM's CEO Rick Wagner.

2. G-20 group pessimism on the current financial situations.

3. US home prices drop 19% in 20 major cities since Jan 2008