Jobless News Headline: National Semiconductor Layoffs 1,725 or 25% Workforce

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4 states see double-digit unemployment rates in January; national rate headed that way

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Four states -- California, South Carolina, Michigan and Rhode Island -- registered unemployment rates above 10 percent in January, and the national rate is expected to hit double digits by year-end.

SEC head says 'uptick rule' may be reinstated

SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro says 'uptick rule' may be reinstated; action likely next month

National Semiconductor to cut 1,725 jobs, shutter plants as profit and revenue fall

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- Faced with a steep decline in sales, chip maker National Semiconductor Corp. said Wednesday it will eliminate more than one-quarter of its work force, or 1,725 jobs.

Treasury official warns Congress not to force banks into making loans deemed risky