Public Mutual Fund Management: Please Take Note!!

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I just saw the public mutual online website interface. Although it is a good idea to start an online website to allow clients to check their investments and transact online, I hate to say that is one of the most UNIMPRESSIVE website i ever seen. Considering that Public Mutual is a subsidiary under the PRESTIGIOUS parent Public Bank, their management should take some effort to invest more on IT and pay more attention to make the website more consumer friendly.

This is what i think is VERY VERY LACKING for website.See here.

1. Sorely lacking is the amount of the INFO on the current total value of the PORTFOLIO. It should be an easy task in the current IT world. The website only show the total amount of units and the intial investment on a certain fund. So if a person has multiple funds vested, he/she needs to manually calculate the current value of the portfolio based on the daily NAV. We all know that the current market is bad and if this suggestion goes implemented, it may scare the shit out of novice investors to see the investment drop like 30-40% in a single year. But ,we all have to face the music some in the end right??  We are mature and adult enough to see our investment go down the drain in a bad market cycle.

2. They should be able to display all transaction such as new investment, switching etc for at least 2-3 years back to allow investors to back track. Storing 2-3 years back of data would not cost much diskspace considering this is mutual fund, which who in the right mind buys/sell/switch mutual funds like the market shares. Thus, the amount of info needed to be stored should be minimum.

3. It is confusing to know that the funds you switched into is not highlighted as the initial amount of investment for a new fund. Lets say you switch fund A to fund B for an amount of RM1000. Well, you will not see the RM1000 highlighted in the fund B column even though it showed the correct unit numbers. The RM1000 is still reflected in fund A even though you have switched it away to fund B.

4. This is something good to have and allows flexibility. When you buy or add in new funds, it is DOES NOT allow you to choose who should you designated as AGENT aka who you give the service charge to. This means that if i don't like Agent A or i prefer Agent B who services you better, you CANNOT change the commission transfer. It going to be a pain in the ass( hell burning in your heart) , if you get a BAD Agent but still receives your commission each time you invest online through the website.

Conclusion: I hope someone higher up in the Public Mutual management can read this post and take back some of the suggestions back to the drawing board. It is sad to see that a well known and PROFITABLE company (that is one of the reason why i invest in them in the first place) having such a disappointing online website.

My readers out there..Now reaching 3,400 hits. Please feedback your experience and comments here if you use the online website before. So that the Public Mutual management will take NOTE!! Lets see how far this post can go.

Rant fellow investors & traders , Rant!!

Disclaimer: Above are my opinion and feedback as a consumer. :P


  1. Yong Kee Bee // 8:56 PM  

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Public Mutual Gold member,no;123575.I have been to Solaris Hartamas Public Mutual office to make registration for on line service on 7 July 09.Up todate i have yet to receive any reply from you.Can you tell me when will i get the reply? Why is the so called Malaysia No 1 mutual fund ( That why i invested} needs to take such a long time just to activate my account for on line service ? Hope to hear from you soon.
    By B

  2. Kris // 9:51 PM  


    I am NOT an agent nor that this blog is some way afflicted with Public Mutual. Be patient, i waited for some time before i could access the website also.

    You can bug your agent aka whom you buy the funds from.

    For me, there are faster and easier way to buy mutual funds online. Just read my posts and you will know about it :P

  3. nri mutual fund // 2:50 PM  

    Really thanks for these information.....

  4. public mutual fund news // 6:55 PM  

    Public Mutual is like that..don't you know.
    they are very old style..see la who the big boss..old uncle.

    very traditional online /technology usages is still not maximised.

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