Nasdaq Is Leading Wall Street

Posted by Kris | Thursday, February 05, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Nasdaq is super strong today, leading the DJIA out of the RED. (Hardly happened before).Perhaps it is caused by the expectation that future stimuluses by Obama tends to be "technology friendly".

Nasdaq 1,546 (+29.85), DJIA 8,133(+54.80).

Leading the charge is INTC which is gaining at its high of +0.90
APPL 95.88 (+2.88), GOOG 353 (+12), BIDU 131 (+6), MOT 3.96 (-0.08) 

Motorola is still not recovering after the Q4 earning losses.

Everyone is waiting for Congress to review/pass another ~800bln stimulus package.

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