Boring Day

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Nothing special today except that DJIA broke last year's low in this few trading days. Malaysia central banks lowered interest rates to 2%. Good news to those having to pay high interest rates especially on home loans . The bad news is that it means that US recessionary impact has been felt "more" severely that expected by the Malaysian Govt. Nevertheless, for there is still no RECESSION in Malaysia. Hurrah!! At least from the Govt perspective.

When they announced Malaysia is in recession, the market bottom probably draws near. :P That is my contrarian yardstick..BOOYAH!!

Market has been on the short term rally, not much strength to lift up itself. Nasdaq is green again after last night's onslaught.

Btw: INTC share has breached the region of 12.50 for the 3rd time with last nite ,touching the critical USD12 support line. I still have my GOOD TILL CANCEL order to buy at USD10 if it falls even further. Then i will hold for like 5-6 years from now. I don't forsee any company capable of beating INTC's technological lead and competencies in the near future even if Dubai sank in tons of money into AMD. Even though ,they can make awesome man-made island out of nothing it is not that easy to design and build CPUs(provided they have the money right now. They are facing a financial crisis of their own. Oil prices are tanking and on a glut)

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